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Drapery 101

We are excited to share with all of you some of our Drapery tips that we have learned along the way! Drapes can change a room, soften a space and add warmth. They are that finishing touch that makes a house feel a home....

1. Lining- We highly recommend lining your drapes as it adds body and fullness, provides added insulation and gives a richer look. It also protects fabrics from fading by shielding the fabric from harsh rays from the sun. It simply allows your drapes to hang better! We think it’s must!        

2. Height- Hang em high we always say! Hanging your drapes high draws the eyes upward giving the illusion of higher ceilings thus makes the windows feel larger. We recommend hanging anywhere from 4” above the window molding to all the way up to the crown molding and/or ceiling.                          

3. Width- Extending your Drapery rods a minimum of 4” on either side (not including the finials) gives your window balance and makes the window appear wider. We recommend anywhere from 4” -12” on either side.          

    4. Length- You can choose from a variety of lengths for your drapes. It’s all personal preference. Many of our clients prefer “kissing the floor” and we have to say that’s our favorite and most popular too! 

    A. Kissing the floor- Just touching the floor (pucker up!)                            

    B. Puddling- 5" + on the floor- A more traditional look.                                

    C. Clearing- 1/4" - 1/2" off the floor- This is a good options for drapes that are opened and closed regularly and also if you have pets!                      

    D. Resting- Drapes sit 2" - 3" on the floor                                                  

    E. Breaking-Fabric is on the floor 1/2"to 1" with a slight buckle.                        

    5. Rings or No rings? Drapery rings are a nice added touch and gives your drapes a more professional and custom look. They also allow your drapes to open and close more freely. With that said, there are also some nice hidden back tab options that can be great if you are looking for a more casual look and ease in installation.

    6. Finalizing a fabric- There are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from whether you want a simple classic look or a fun pattern with a pop of color. We understand it can be overwhelming! If you are a little nervous about breaking out of your comfort zone, you can never go wrong with classic white or off-white linen drapes! They will stand the test of time and will transition with any style in your home! 

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