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How to Determine Your Drapery Width

At White Cottage we start with professional drapery 54 inch drapery fabric. Once gathered for pleats and hemmed the final width for a single panel pleats down to approximately 26 inches, 1.5 width down to 36” and double width down to 48” (these are averages).  Most windows require 2-2.5 times the width of the window in drapery panels to fully cover the window when closed.  If you are just hanging decorative panels, single width should almost always do the trick as we recommend 1.5 X the width of the window.

Below is a chart for you to use as a guide when determining how many widths you need to purchase for your window.

# of Panels

# of Widths

Pleated Panels


Single Width



1.5 Width



Double Width


Example 1:
  Kate’s window is 36” wide and she would like to close the drapes at night.  Therefore she needs 2-2.5 times her window width in drapery.  She figured out she needs  (36”X 2 = 72” in drapery panels).  She decided to order two 1.5 Width drapery panels that will give her the coverage she needs based on the chart above.

Example 2:  Claire’s window is 36” wide as well, however she only want the drapes to hang decoratively as she will not be closing them.  She just wants them to look pretty! She determined she needs  (36 X 1.5 = 54” in drapery panels).  She decided to order two Single Width drapery panels for her windows based on the chart above.