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Inside or Outside Mount & Board Depth

Shades are attached to mounting boards that screw to the window casing or the wall. The depth and design of your windows will determine whether your shades can mount inside or outside the window frames. Measure your window’s DEPTH before ordering your board size.

Inside Mount

white cottage inside mount

For an Inside Mount shade the window frame should  at least a 1" depth inside the frame.  In some cases the shade will protrude beyond the frame once installed depending on the board size selected.  Our most common inside mount board size is between 1.5”-2”.   Inside mounted shades can enhance the woodwork or trim surrounding the window.

Outside Mount

white cottage outside mount

For our  Outside Mount Roman shades we suggest the window frame has 2" to 3" of space around the trim. Make sure to measure your outside window trim depth to make sure you are ordering the correct size board.  Our most popular board size for an outside mounted shade is 2”-2.5” inches.  Outside mounts  are also a great choice for a window that already has cellular shades or blinds installed.  Outside mounted shades can be hung higher than the window frame to make windows appear larger while hiding thin moldings.