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Nantucket Patchwork Large Tote

Nantucket Patchwork Large Tote

$ 180.00
There’s so much to see in this patchwork of Nantucket life and history. It captures the tradition and unique aspects of New England’s maritime past. Whales, schooners, fish, waves, and anchors represent the livelihood of sailors and fishermen. And the beauty of this small island is celebrated through roses, weathervanes, sunsets, and windmills. You’ll discover something new each time you look. This evocative mosaic is printed on recycled sail cloth, enhancing the theme of living closely connected to the sea.


  • Hand-spliced hemp rope handles
  • Machine wash, line dry


  • Large: 18" l x 5" w x 14" h

Handcrafted from recycled sail cloth on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA

We thoroughly clean each sail before using it to craft our products. There may be marks or slight discolorations on your bag that were gained through its former life as a working sail. These can't be removed and serve to make your Sea Bags unique and authentic.




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